Beauty & Boudoir

Empowering women is so important to us, we believe every woman deserves the right to be pampered and made to feel special, in our all female studio we love helping our ladies to look and feel as beautiful on the outside as they do on the inside. A Beauty and Boudoir session is all about giving you the confidence to shine no matter what your age or dress size, those factors are unimportant, you are a woman and you are beautiful.
let us help you feel extra special.

When you reach a milestone in your life it is important to mark it with a constant reminder, a reminder that will make you feel special every time you refer to it.

This is what Beauty & Boudoir photography can do for you, it can boost your self esteem, build your confidence and when you hold an album or look at pictures of yourself hanging on the wall above your bed you will remember the wonderful emotion of feeling like the beautiful goddess you are.

Your session is personal to you so you don’t have to be in your underwear, you can cover up as much as you wish. Whatever you decide to wear is completely up to you, lingerie, a favourite dress, either way you will feel fabulously beautiful, let us help you look and feel glamorous and gorgeous.

These sessions are perfect as a treat for your loved one……a Birthday, Maternity,Valentines Day, Christmas……also very popular with ‘brides to be‘, gifting their partner a collection of images before the wedding.

Beautiful Black & White Boudoir photo session
White Sheet on bed Boudoir shoot

“What is Boudoir Photography?”



Chances are you probably have a general idea about what boudoir photography is, but here’s your chance to learn all the details.

Let’s start with the word “boudoir” itself. Boudoir is a French word that literally translates to “bedroom” or “sitting room.”

In other words, the photographs are taken in a private space, typically somewhere with a bed, chaise, settee or chair for a lady to lie or sit.

We have various props in the studio to suit all styles.

As you likely know, these pictures taken in a women’s boudoir are often provocative, it’s all about the mood being set when a lady is wearing lingerie, we can help with posing too.

There is a difference between provocative, inherent sexiness and tacky or overtly risqué, we are all about elegance, style and grace and we have a bit of fun! Beauty is the female form and we want to showcase your face and figure, we never push things too far.

We keep it ultra classy and elegant.

In short: Boudoir Photography is an opportunity to capture sensual images of yourself for yourself. And your significant other may want to take a peek, too……

Our Studio is based in Halton, Cheshire and is fully equipped to ensure you have the
Best Experience, Nothing else is good enough!

“What do I wear?”



What you wear in your boudoir session depends entirely on what you feel comfortable with. We are happy to discuss what outfits look best for your body shape, we are here to help.

Some ladies don’t want to be photographed in their lingerie, that is absolutely fine, we can take some beautiful photos of you in your favourite dress, wearing your favourite shoes…….whatever makes you happy and comfortable.

We don’t shoot fully nude photographs, but sometimes nudity is implied based on the way you are posed or the way a bed sheet is draped over you.

Of course, we only shoot what you’re comfortable with.

Black & White studio session Maternity on water

“When you photograph people in colour, you photograph their clothes.

But when you photograph people in Black and White, you photograph their souls!”