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Beauty & Boudoir Photography in Cheshire

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Children's Photographer in Cheshire

When was the last time you had professional photographs taken? I am a boudoir photographer in Cheshire and I love to make ladies look and feel amazing. 

As busy parents or grandparents we often overlook ourselves, life gets in the way….I know, I have heard it a thousand times.

You deserve to look and feel like a goddess. Boudoir photography with me in Cheshire includes a make-over, hair styling, and a portrait session which will show you just how amazing you are. 

Children grow and change so fast – every moment is a precious memory to hold on to forever. We are dedicated to providing you with family heirlooms – professional child photography in Cheshire, giving you beautiful portraits of your children. There is nothing quite like viewing or holding an image of your child when they were little, full of mischief, full of fun. These memories are precious and special, why wouldn’t you want to preserve them?

No parent has ever said they have too many images of their children, plenty wish they had more…….make sure you have more than phone pics!!


We are based in Cheshire, within easy reach for clients in Liverpool, Warrington, Northwich & Manchester

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Sensual, Elegant and Sexy

If you choose to book with me for boudoir photography in Cheshire , you will enjoy your opportunity to splash out on new lingerie, bring your killer heels and own the stage. We have a White Sheet set up where you get the chance to roll around on the bed having a laugh, or you can instead choose our Dark set up. The images are best described as sultry. You will love your new found confidence, who doesn’t deserve that?

Give it a go,  you will love it.

Women choose to come to me for boudoir images for a number of different reasons. Some are looking for a gift for their partner – a ‘For Your Eyes Only’ album is a great intimate gift! Others book just for themselves! A fantastic boost to your confidence, a celebration of your body or simply as a reason to spoil yourself. 

You can even buy the session as a gift for a friend or loved one – we have Gift Vouchers you can purchase to help them to realise that they are a goddess!

Children’s portraits provide lasting memories

Being a parent brings great responsibility, guiding your children through life is not only one of the hardest jobs we will ever do, it is also the most rewarding. When you book me as your child’s photographer in Cheshire, you will love the memories that are created and treasure your portraits forever. 

It is important for your children to feel loved and wanted, displaying portraits on the walls of your home helps them to understand how proud you are of them and gives them a sense of belonging.

Create your legacy with professional images in albums and wall art to be enjoyed by you today and your children in the future.

Whether you prefer a posed portrait in a classic style, or a fun, informal image with a white background, we will create the perfect artwork for your family. 

two boys on a white background whispering to each other photographed by Child photographer in Cheshire

Hi – I’m Karen, your photographer in Cheshire. 

I specialise in both boudoir portraits and creating images of your children to treasure. 

Ladies travel from Liverpool and surrounding areas to be photographed in my studio, they arrive nervous but always leave relaxed and extremely happy……wanting to do it all over again, there is no better compliment.

I am a creative, I love photographing ladies, giving them confidence and joy in seeing themselves transformed.

Black & White photography means I remove the distractions, the emphasis is on my subject which is exactly what I love to see.

There are times in our lives when we reach a certain age, attain a goal, bloom in pregnancy, get married….get divorced! Whatever the reason, the one thing you would like to feel is empowered, to be confident and in control. 

This is where I can help you, having a Beauty & Boudoir session will give you total control of you and your life……..this is what drives my passion!!

Being both a boudoir photographer and a child photographer may seem like a strange combination, but it works perfectly for me. It combines my passion for making women feel and look amazing with my love of creating memories of your family that you will treasure. 

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Elegant lady wearing fluffy sexy jumper by Boudoir photographer in Cheshire
Sitting baby girl in black and white portrait by Boudoir and Child Photographer in Cheshire
Blonde lady wearing black hat photographed on dark background in black and white by Boudoir and Child Photographer in Cheshire