A Very Warm Welcome


Attention to Detail

When you are photographed by a female photographer, you know she understands, her perspective is aimed at you…..she ‘gets’ you.



At Noir Blanc Photography studio, the attention to detail is evident in the images they produce.

Many years of dedication and expertise to the art makes them sought after with repeat clients travelling many miles to update their portraits.


Full guidance is offered throughout your journey, a journey that will change how you feel about yourself…..The New You.



Boudoir profile displaying tattoo
Boudoir Photography lady in white shirt & black bra


The Photographer

Being a photographer as long as I have means I have photographed just about everything, the one area of photography I am always drawn to is Black & White, for me, it is powerful, soulful and strong.

These are the qualities I evoke when viewing images of ladies I have photographed.

Black and White Photography is perfect for Beauty and Boudoir, providing ladies with the photographic proof that they are special and beautiful, I am thrilled when I capture images that make my ladies cry with joy.


Karen is a member of the Guild of Professional Photographers Being a member ensures up to date Best Practices for Photographic work and running a studio.


minimalistic Black & White Maternity session
Boudoir Photoshoot


All things Black & White

Karen has been a photographer for over 30 years, she has covered most aspects of photography and now specialises in Black and White.

Beauty & Boudoir, empowering women of all ages, shapes and sizes, to stand tall and allow their strengths to shine.

Hilton Photography is another branch of the world in Black and White, Child Portraits, documenting every milestone in the life of your children, creating heirlooms for you today and future generations tomorrow.

Teenage photo shoot, black & white profile image
Child portrait of a Child portrait of a girl sat leaning against the back of a chair, black & white studio, Runcorn, Cheshiregirl sat on a chair leaning against the back of a chair

I believe that...

LOVE and respect
All women deserve to be treated with LOVE and RESPECT
The same love and respect they show to their loved ones day in and day out.
Do It For you, you are beautiful
It is amazing what a woman can achieve when she tries, when she takes time out to treat herself, for herself.
We can help you make that dream a reality.