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I capture moments in the life of your child and turn them into your family’s legacy

With Love & Creativity


The life of your precious children

Being a parent brings great responsibility, guiding your children through life is not only one of the hardest jobs we will ever do, it is also the most rewarding. 

It is important for your children to feel loved and wanted, displaying portraits on the walls of your home helps them to understand how proud you are of them and gives them a sense of belonging.

Create your legacy with professional images in albums and wall art to be enjoyed by you today and your children in the future.

black and white teenage portrait


Why I do what I do

I have lots of albums of my two boys as they were growing up, it gives me great joy to browse through the images, reminiscing the fabulous times and the fun we had.

Black and White photographs stand out, they have an unparalleled depth, emphasising the child, their expressions and innocence.

I now have grandchildren, preserving their memories is so important and precious, it is my lasting legacy for them 

My portfolio

black & white child portrait


Our studio is my second home, it is full of handmade sofas and chairs for little people, I am always on the lookout for new props. Helping you to celebrate all milestones in the life of your children is an honour.


The sound of childhood laughter is one of the most beautiful sounds, knowing they are safe and happy is all a parent can wish for.

As an alternative to studio sessions we offer location sessions, at your home, a park, the beach…..wherever you think your child will be comfortable and happy.

Childhood is the most beautiful of all of life’s seasons

but oh so fleeting


Newborn and babies

Our newborn photography is very minimalistic, if baby sleeps, we get images, if baby is awake, we get images. Our newborn sessions usually take place in your home, in our experience we have found parents prefer that we go to them, this means the least disruption at a time in your life when all you want is to be able to put your feet up with a cuppa and leave us to it.

We are here to give guidance and advice to ensure you have as stress free a session as possible.

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